Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010


Halo Bloggers !

Kangen nich ma ma blogQ, sepi banget, aku tinggal 6 bulan, hahaha ..
Coba blog ini, 'Princess Caspian', manusia. Pasti dia udah nelpon, SMS, ato nge-wall aku sekedar nanyain kabarku gimana.

Haha, sori Princess Caspian, aku nggak kenapa-napa kok, I'm fine absolutely, I just had a business with my lecture, and now I'm having holiday! 1 bulan teman, mantap kan? Tapi, kayaknya aku nggak bakalan menikmati liburan ini full dech, coz aku punya kesibukan di kampus&SMA. Yach, bukan Cipuk namanya kalo cuma berdiam diri di rumah, pasti ada aja kesibukan.

Princess Caspian : "so what's your bussiness, Cipuk? You don't care about me! Don't you know I've been lonely 'till you found me again, but you don't care 'bot me, still."

Cipuk : "Oh Sorry, my friend. But I checked you up, didn't I ?"

Princess Caspian : "No. But, you just checked me, that was enough. I wanted more. Look at my skin! It's so out of date, old fashioned! I want you to refresh my display. Some of your friends visited me and they read your posts, but I could read their feeling that they disliked my display. So please , Cipuk. Make me a new look. And give me more your interesting stories"

Cipuk : "Ohohoho, don't cry, honey. How busy I am, I will always remember you, don't you still remember a good song from Narnia's movie "I'll be Remembering You", hehehe... Smile! Okay, I will refresh you up, but I don't have new skin. Maybe my friend does. Well, I will ask her. Just wait, honey.. Okay, while waiting my friend, I will share my stories to you."

Princess Caspian (while cleaning her cheek) : "Oh Cipuk, your bad habit to amuse someone sad is killing me, haha. Okay, I trust you, Cipuk. And will you tell me what your businesses are ?"

Cipuk : " Oh, so many. First, my lecture. Since I'm accepted in Law Faculty of UGM, I'm busy with the activities there, becoming a member of a committee, and of course studying to prepare middle test and final test of semester I."

Princess Caspian : "Waw, those must be interesting."

Cipuk : "Yeah, interesting but exhausting and confusing."

Princess Caspian : "Just enjoy them, Cipuk. I will be ready to listen your jeremiad. Then what else your activities?

Cipuk : "thank you, honey. Mmmm, maybe busy in facebook, hehe.."

Princess Caspian : "What ?? Oh Cipuk. You're dishonest to me !! Hiks.. I know now. You like facebook better than me! Hiks."

Cipuk : "OH, sorry.. I didn't mean to ignore you. Well, I'm gonna share my stories to both of you, fairly."

Princess Caspian : "Swallow that! I don't wanna hear your promise anymore!"

Cipuk : "Oh, you're jealous?"

Princess Caspian : "No. I'm just aware with your loyalty coz I know you have Twitter too."

Cipuk : "Oh my God. Trust me, honey. You know me. So, if I leave you again, who will take care of you?"

Princess Caspian : "Mmmm...Noone."

Cipuk : "That's me! Only me! Now, smile to me, honey. Listen, next month I will marry to Skandar Keynes."

Princess Caspian : "What? Oh, I'm glad to hear that! Congratulation! Where will you marry?"

Cipuk : "You believe it?"

Princess Caspian : "Of course I do."

Cipuk : "You've got punked!"

Princess Caspian : "Hrrrrggghhh....Cipuuuuuuukkkk.. Can you stop your JAYUS ?"

Cipuk : "No, it's me."

Princes Caspian : "Okay, I'm gonna go to London to meet William Moseley."

Cipuk : "I don't trust you, coz you don't have anything to do that."

Princess Caspian : "Hrrrggghhhh..... Enough !"

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