Minggu, 10 November 2013

I’m Preparing for Marriage

Oh my future husband ..
How are you?
I hope you a good health, a cute smile, and a fresh mind shone by iman

Oh my future husband ..
I can't wait longer on the day
The day when you say a sentence towards my father
A sentence that Allah loves to hear
A sentence that changes everything

You are not a stranger to me anymore
You are not only my leader, but also my life partner
I am not only your children’s mother, but also your children’s teacher

You are another part of my lost puzzle chips
You give me strengths to my weaknesses
And I give you strengths to your weaknesses
Look around us!
Our good children always pray for us
We love one another in Allah’s guidance

However, my future husband ..
I really don’t know what your name is
I can’t even imagine your face
All I know is you are the best man chosen by Allah
To accompany me to get tickets to Jannah

And all I have to do is being the best woman for you
Look! I’m preparing for our happy family
Yes, I’m preparing for marriage

Made in Bantul, November 10th 2013.
Actually, I'm preparing for graduation :p

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  1. Nice poem, but some grammar must be repaired so people who read your poem, can get clearly the meaning.